Sojos Raw Dog Food

Art Direction, Branding
Project Overview
Sojos is a 100% natural raw dog food company. For my Art Direction 2 class, my team was asked to update their branding system and create a new brand voice.
Team Members
Alex Reyna: Website
Olivia Romero: Ad Campaign
Hunter Seglem: Logo, Patterns, Packaging, Social Media
Brand Elements
Our packaging shows pets in the environment that their natural diet is sourced from. The product type, flavor, and most important benefits are highlighted on the front, while extra information/instructions are easily found on the back and sides of the packaging.

Social Media
Ad Campaign - Trust Their Instincts
This campaign exemplifies the idea of someone’s pet being more than just their owner’s baby. They may have silly names like Butterball or Spot but deep down they’re still like their wild ancestors. Their instincts may not be as dominant in captivity, but you can’t get rid of something deep down in their DNA

Website - Splash Page
Sojos splash page aims to inform visitors what our products are, and why our product is truly the better options on the market. Our simple, type-driven design allows the user to consume the information that they need in order to make a smart decision for their pet. We’ve taken subtle elements from other brand touchpoints and integrated them into the website. This ensures that the brand feels consistent across all media.

Website - Sojos Difference
This page can be reached by clicking the “Why Sojos” button in the “The Power of raw food” section. This page aims to show consumers exactly why Sojos is the best raw option for their pet, and not other brands.